I make paintings.
My rooms are decorated with paintings of paintings of created places, unreal worlds. Yet, those paintings sit in a real space and interact as part of life. The imagined is manifest through art, it becomes a real thing which interacts with real spaces and real people.

I am currently in Glasgow painting interiors, intimate environments that reflect the complexity of human living. Oddness seeps into the everyday, commonplace objects sit as symbols for a life remembered, and forgotten. Paint fills the gaps between living and dreaming. Through installation I invite people to inhabit this world, not in its image, but in reality.  

I am fascinated by the human appreciation of beauty and how it relates to everyday visual hierarchies. What we choose to pay attention to; why a painting might be considered more important than a table or pamphlet, an icon on a screen or a road sign. How the visual hierarchies of the modern world interact with social hierarchies, how different people interact with artwork and the artworld and what makes people feel out of place in art spaces, or how some art feels out of place in people spaces.

The in-between, that liminal space that bridges the real and the imagined, inside and outside, is I believe a key part of all creativity, and I attempt to highlight this relationship in my work. The familiarity of the home, bright colours and beautiful shapes placed in a strange context, loss and decay linger in an infinite house, hung with paintings made as icons, like windows on a computer screen, inviting interaction, investigation, infinite entertainment.