The Picture Box is an installation in collaboration with itself. Beginning with DEAD END., the three core paintings, DEAD END., Three Women and Room B00011, tell the story of the viewer as they walk around the space. The spoken words anchor the viewer, holding attention to the image, simulating interaction and guiding focus. The ICONS have escaped from DEAD END. There, they existed as images without material form, translations of their originals, sketches of ideas. Now once again in the real world they float out onto the wall, flattened, button-like, passive. The image is abstracted not as a form but as a concept. The viewer wonders, who lives here? The unsettling nature of the environment slowly becomes more apparent, the repetition, the sneaking threat of infinity, the unidentifiable figure like shapes becoming more and more sinister. A physical, untouchable, point and click adventure game, The Picture box confronts the modern world of the image. An over saturation of information, resettling, defocusing, threatening imprisonment in a world of infinite entertainment. In this transitory life what can we call home but the cumulative records of our past, the material we have in-the-now that evidences the passage of time?

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The Picture Box Installation view

Room B00011 - Oil on canvas

Horse's severed head / Album by Nasty Nesto and the Sadbois